Saturday, May 29, 2010

After a long time...

here i am in university of florida.. grad student in computer science.. one yr has passed so quickly.. i think it was one good decision to come to US for higher studies.. one year ago.. i was almost at the edge of the cliff and i had to do something before i fell off .. then came the plane that rescued me (i think so) .. done with 2 semesters.. did some hard work .. screw the grades.. felt like i have learnt something..

tried hard for an internship.. finally managed to get an unpaid intern in a gaming development company.. it has been one week since i joined .. the first week work was kind of boring.. i want to learn and do some good coding stuff.. the company i work for.. it is a pretty small company.. the CEO is 24yrs old (i am 25 !!) .. the guy seems like a genius... he said he dropped out of UF after sophomore yr.. he has been coding since the age of 7.. needless to say his programming skills are very good.. so i am looking forward for some coding learning experience in the summer..

i took 2 credits for the internship.. so most probably i have to graduate in the next fall.. i really hope to a good job with fat salary.. though the internship is unpaid.. i'm working for my personal satisfaction .. i want to improve my communication skills, programming skills.. i'm sure this summer is gonna be a good learning experience for me..