Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Gemini Inn (OYO Rooms), Chennai Hotel Experience

We stayed here recently (Sep 2015) for a night. The main reason for staying in hotels was it's proximity to US consulate, which is just 5 mins walk from this hotel.

We reached the hotel a little before the 12 PM check-in time and the hotel staff didn't allow us to check-in until we paid Rs.500 extra (no mention of this Rs. 500 in the final receipt !!). We booked 2 rooms and they allowed us to check-in to 1 room and said the second room is still being cleaned. As we were going out, we informed the staff that we will check-in in the evening.

When we came back at 7 PM, they gave us the keys to the second room. Upon entering the room, we were shocked to see the room was not cleaned at all. There were no blankets on the beds, and they were all over the room. News papers were thrown all over the floor, floor was all sticky as if something was spilled, the bathrooms were not clean, there were no towels etc. The bed sheets and blankets were so dirty and it was so disgusting to sleep on these beds with these blankets.

The complimentary breakfast was not bad, but didn't seem hygienic. There was no WIFI in room as advertised/mentioned in the booking details. Added to our woes, when checking out, we were charged extra for some room service and food which we didn't order at all. 

The name of this hotel was Gemini Inn and was probably re-branded or some rooms being offered by OYO rooms. We paid Rs.1500 per room which was not at all worth the price. I would NOT recommend this hotel to anyone.